Danny Duggan

Danny Duggan The Ink Factory

Resident Artist

Danny’s 7 and a half years of experience have taught him plenty – needlework skills, developing an artistic niche, patience – but for him, listening is an absolutely essential part of the profession. Tattooing is a uniquely intimate art form. Having first been switched on to creating art inspired by his sister, who unfortunately passed away, Danny has worked on many people, both family and clients, where tattooing has served as a form of therapy as well as self-discovery. Listening, learning and hard work are crucial to personal and artistic growth as he sees it: “if you really want it that bad, you’ll get there. You’ll know you want it if you can put in those hours deep into the night just practising and practising”.

Stylistically, Neo-traditional is his passion. Over the years, his style has been forged from a twin interest in Realism alongside the classic, distinct Traditional style, as he combines these forms to refine his personal approach. But growth is ever-constant. One is never finished listening, learning, practicing.

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