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You’re beautiful. We mean it. Have you changed your hair recently? Why are you blushing? You know what can make you look even more spectacular though? A kickass Tattoo!

Here you’re going to be able to trawl through a series of images that have all been produced by our wonderful Ink Factory artists and put on the skin of some incredible women. Tattoos, when they’re done by a capable artist, can look amazing. The problem is you have to find the right artist that not only understands how to Tattoo but also how to make sure that the Tattoo flows with the musculature of your body, thus accentuating your femininity.

We’re pretty damn lucky here at No.15 Wellington Quay. Why? Well three of our staff members are inspiring, strong, incredible women Tattoo artist who just happen to have an innate understanding of what works on the body of a woman. Sorry guys, but the biker Tattooist working out your local shop doesn’t care if the flowers that you’ve wanted for the last fifteen years flow with the contours of your body! He only cares about death metal music and fantasy fiction. Fact.

So, what to put on your skin? What make for a great Tattoo for a woman? Well anecdotally we’ve seen some stunning ornamental Tattoos, mandala style Tattoos, geometric Tattoos and watercolour Tattoos come out of The Ink Factory over the last year and these styles seem to be the most in demand from our female clientele at the moment. Having said that we’ve seen epic looking traditional and neo traditional tattoos being done and our female clients who subsequently wore them with pride on the streets of lil’ old Dublin.

But hey, your Tattoo doesn’t need to be a half sleeve Tattoo or a full sleeve Tattoo either. It’s entirely up to you. This might be your first Tattoo so if you feel comfortable with only putting small and delicate on your body then we cater for that too. In fact we dig the small stuff because sometimes it’s the small stuff that means the most. So, if you want to go small what are the options? A tried and trusted one is usually a Butterfly Tattoo or a beautiful ornate script Tattoo. They’re just ideas though, you can really get whatever it is you want. Please be mindful of the fact though that if you’re going to get something dainty then your artist may tell you that it needs to be bigger. This isn’t a ploy for us to get more money it’s just us giving you proper advice that will stop you putting something on your body that may not look too good in a year of two.

So, it’s up to you. Go forth and ink whatever you like onto that beautiful body of yours but be sure to check out your artist’s work, chat to them beforehand and make sure that they get what it is that you’re after.



-The Ink Factory Team


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