Tongue Web Piercing

Tongue web piercings are a very popular alternative to traditional tongue piercings. The tongue web is the thin membrane just below and attached to the tongue itself. There are many advantages to tongue web piercings as opposed to a normal tongue piercing, including the lack of pain, swelling and ease of healing. Also there are a number of people who are not anatomically suited to conventional tongue piercings due to the size of their tongue web but which makes the tongue web itself very suitable to piercing. The initial jewellery for tongue web piercings is usually a straight barbell with a bit of extra length, but can also be done with a curved barbell, a circular barbell, or even a ball closure ring. While there is some initial swelling, there is no comparison to the amount and duration of swelling to traditional tongue piercings. In addition to the lack of swelling, tongue web piercings are virtually painless and usually only take a maximum of 4 weeks to heal fully, with minimal aftercare. The cleaning procedure for tongue web piercings is very simple, involving the use of a non alcohol-based mouthwash both morning and night, as well as after meals. In addition to this, rinsing with a sea salt and warm water solution once or twice a day can greatly expedite the healing time. To make this solution simply add approximately ½ to one full teaspoon of sea salt to a coffee cup of warm water and thoroughly rinse your piercing.


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