Smiley piercings are an increasingly popular oral piercing, particularly due to it being virtually painless and the speed and ease of the healing process.  This piercing is performed generally with a ball closure ring initially through the small thin web on the upper inner lip. 

Ball closure rings are generally preferred at the start because they hang straight as opposed to barbells or circular barbells which tend to shift to one side more than the other.  Being literally just a small, thin membrane, there are virtually no nerves in this part of the body, but it does however have a large supply of blood vessels making it both painless initially and incredibly fast healing.  There is a small amount of localised swelling in the first few days after the piercing which can be treated with ibuprofen taken two to three times per day for the first three days, however this will go down on its own regardless. 


The average overall healing time for smiley piercings is approximately two to four weeks, involving very little aftercare.  The cleaning procedure for this piercing involves a gentle rinse with a preferably non-alcoholic based mouth wash both morning and at night, as well as after meals with the addition of a sea salt and warm water rinse comprising ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water, ideally once or twice a day to promote cell regeneration.  Jewellery options for this piercing rand from straight barbells, curved barbells, circular barbells, ball closure rings with the option of adding a clip in jewel or even seamless rings, all down to individual clients particular taste.