The ear - affectionately known by nobody as the shoulders of the face - are a piercer’s paradise. Capable of supporting more metal than the Wacken Open Air festival - the ear is clearly the most popular part of the body to get pierced - with piercings ranging from industrial to tragus to rook to diath, the possibilities are boundless.

But don’t forget, the face is more than an ear or two - much more - and we’re very happy to pierce all the other non-ear parts of your fizzog. We’ll take care of your eyebrows, your lips, your nose, septum, nostril, cheek, and tongue. We do Labret piercing, Medusa piercing, Smiley piercing, Spider AND Snakebite piercing, and where would we be if we didn’t also do Tongue Web piercing?

Not sure what all those types of piercings are? No worries - that’s why we have galleries and explainers down the bottom of the page. Before you take the plunge and get a facial piercing, we want you armed with all the knowledge you could possibly need. Also, galleries. Look at all the deadly pictures of face piercings!

If you have any more questions - get in touch - ask away. Talk to one of our piercers - Cello, Lauren, Cibelle or Patric. Ask about how all of our piercings are just€25, and why that’s the best price you’ll pay for a piercing in any reputable studio in town. Grill us on how we keep our studio completely sterile, and how we use the highest-grade jewellery, and why you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination or any nasty things like that.

Can’t see the piercing you’re looking for here - ask us - you won’t shock us.

Need that piercing now? We’re piercing Monday to Sunday from 12-7pm. Just walk right on in!


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