Helix piercing, otherwise known as an ear rim piercing or an outer ear cartilage piercing, is a relatively socially acceptable if not common piercing. Helix piercings are generally defined by following the visible indentation around the centre of the ear and upwards to the top and/or inner ear rim or edge. As long as this piercing is performed with a specially designed piercing needle, as opposed to an obsolete piercing gun, with the appropriate jewellery, can be a very unobtrusive high-light, suitable to virtually anyone, with minimal discomfort and after-care.

The ideal jewellery for this piercing can very drastically from a small but long straight barbell, to a curved barbell and even a ball closure ring, all depending on the placement of the piercing.  The initial placement of the piercing as well as the type of jewellery used all effect the long term healing time, which can be anywhere from two to eight months depending on each client.  Aftercare for this piercing is very simple, by just using a mild saline solution, applied to a cotton bud, gently clean the piercing, with particular attention to any dry organic matter on the jewellery itself, and then soaking the piercing, ideally once in the morning and once in the evening, and leaving the piercing alone apart from that, and always be sure to wash your hands prior to clean.


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