Adam Collins

The Ink Factory Tattoo & Piercing

Adam Collins is a multi dimensional Tattoo Artist who excels across a broad variety of styles and motifs. Adam is an extremely competent Tattooist who has been inking on the scene in Ireland for almost ten years.

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Agne Hurt

Agne Hurt The Ink Factory

Agne has developed a singular style of Tattooing that borrows from the traditional style whilst putting her own twist on each piece that she develops. Agne excels with her blackwork efforts and is one of the most original artists in Ireland.

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Anderson Felix


Fresh to the squad, Anderson Felix joins the Ink Factory setup with both an open mind to tattooing and six and a half years of experience in the industry. Hailing from Brasil, Anderson joined the Ink Factory precisely one year after moving to Ireland.

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Antone Masri

Antone Masri The Ink Factory

Antone Masri is the newest addition to The Ink Factory team and is a serious talent that excels in black and grey realism. We’re sure he’s set to be a smash here at No.15 Wellington Quay as his skill and enthusiasm for his craft is plain for all to see.

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Danny Duggan


Danny’s 7 and a half years of experience have taught him plenty – needlework skills, developing an artistic niche, patience – but for him, listening is an absolutely essential part of the profession. Tattooing is a uniquely intimate art form.

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Fausto has been Tattooing for 3 years but in that time span has developed a very specific style that is greatly influenced by cartoons, graphic novels and comic books.

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Iain Cummins

Iain Cummins The Ink Factory

Iain Cummins has established himself firmly as one of the nation’s favourite Traditional Tattoo artists. Since arriving at the Ink Factory, Iain has become recognised for his bold and easily distinguishable designs.

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Jamie Lo

Jamie Lo

Jamie Lo is an exceptionally talented young artist who is currently completing his Tattoo apprenticeship with us at The Ink Factory. Jamie is diligently learning his trade with the expectation of big things to come!

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Kate O’ Hanlon


Kate O’Hanlon is a prodigious talent who is currently learning the Tattoo trade at The Ink Factory. With her sights set firmly on becoming a Traditional Tattoo artist we’re sure that Kate will be leaving indelible marks on people’s skin in the not too distant future!

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Keith Murphy


Keith Murphy is an Irish artist whose a keen comic book aficionado and is noted for his exceptionally well rendered colour Tattoo’s. We’re very proud to have Keith as a member of our squad and he can be found at his 19 Parliament Street post five days a week.

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