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Dogs have been our artistic muses for millenia. Man’s (and woman’s) favourite beast has been found: in mosaic on the walls of Pompeii; sculpted in marble from 100 CE, throughout medieval and renaissance painting as the always faithful companion, the moral boon to humankind’s ‘not always’ best behaviour – we’ve often looked to dogs, their selflessness, loyalty and goodness, as something to aspire to. They say, ‘we don’t deserve dogs’ but by Christ we need them.

Dog Tattoos represent the next step in our artistic celebration of our cherished companions. Recognising that our relationship has been rather one-sided for thousands of years:

– “Thanks for protecting me, loving me, being a pal – but you’re going to have to sleep outside, and here’s some wet mush I found in a can. I’m going inside to eat a lamb chop. Good dog.”

The dog tattoo is an opportunity to show our dogs that we really do care. We really do value them. They are our best friends. They are a good boy, aren’t you? Who’s a good boy? You are. Yes you are! Look what a good boy you are, I got your adorable face on my arm! Yes I did!

But there are many reason to get your dog inked on your skin – beyond trying to rebalance the relationship between human and canine kind.

In a cruel twist of faith, dogs do not live as long as us – thus meaning, we often say goodbye to several true friends throughout our lives.Tattoos of our dogs as way of remembering them after they’ve passed are becoming increasingly popular, and allow us to carry them with us throughout our lives as a constant reminder of their goodness and the special bond we had with them – which honestly, is a really sweet idea.

So next time you’re thinking of getting some new ink – look to your dog, ask them what they think, and make sure you get their best angles when they pose for a photo.


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