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What constitutes a cool Tattoo? Any Tattoo that has been done by an artist in a professional manner. Any Tattoo that has been worked into your skin with passion and enthusiasm after an informed, educated consultation.

Well that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

To be perfectly frank it’s up to you (yeah you there, Sheila or Sean or whatever your name is) to decide on what you think is cool or not. No one else can decide for you. Don’t feel pressured by what seems to be “in” at the moment and don’t get something because someone in your peer group got it. Be brave enough to decide for yourself and be bold enough to know that the only opinion that matters in the end is your own! Did we just inspire you? Slightly even? A teeny tiny bit? Nothing? Wow, tough crowd.

Moving on quickly then, what’s “cool” for one person may seem slightly cliched to another, so put the head down, get the blinkers on and go for what you want.

The only caveat to that bit of wisdom is to be 100% sure that the artist that is going to Tattoo you will execute it with patience and precision. Be sure that they’re passionate about their craft. Be sure that they have a portfolio that indicates that they have the right amount of artistic skill and dedication to make your dreams a solid reality.

Browse through these pictures, we feel each one of these Tattoos can be considered cool. They’re done in all manner of different styles- Geometric Tattoos sit alongside Watercolour Tattoos, that in turn rub shoulders with Colour Tattoos, Mandala Tattoos, Polynesian Tattoos and Black and Grey Tattoos.

They’re cool because they were done on a client that wanted them by an artist that wanted to really do them. No secret formula there really is there?

Be brave and bold with your decision and then coolness will come.

Being cool is overrated anyhow. Just be yourself for God sakes.

Peace out.

-The Ink Factory Team


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