Adam Buckley

adam buckley

No matter what people tell you, and they will tell you – ‘Adam only works here because he’s been family friends with the owners since he was 13’ – don’t believe it, it’s horseshit. Not that he hasn’t been friends with the owners since he was 13 – he’s a Clondalkin lad after all – no, the nepotism, it’s not true.

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Babs Daly The Ink Factory

Babs Daly is probably the sweetest human being you will ever meet! On top of being one of the most sought after photographers in Ireland Babs finds time to manage both our tattoo & piercing studios which we’re eternally grateful for.

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Eve The Ink Factory

Eve is passionate about art, creativity, tattooing and visual aesthetics in general. It gives her a great joy to deal with people and make sure things are run smoothly.

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Michelle Burchael

Michelle Burchael The Ink Factory

Michelle looks after tattoo & resident artists. She is probably the one who will answer your queries across all our digital platforms and instore. Quiet, composed, and mind-bogglingly efficient Michelle ensures that our systems run smoothly and efficiently at all times!

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In management, it’s important to show leadership, to show steel and grit – which is why we’re so lucky to have an actual Canuck – Olivia, whose the real deal. Not buying it? ‘One time at band camp, I won a hot dog eating contest, 69 hot dogs in under 5 minutes.

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Sham Bielecki

Sham Bielecki

Sham loves to create and collect art. He finds Tattoos the best modern way of expressing art in people’s lives. Sham loves to share opinions and ideas with others.

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