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Shakespeare said “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but as Tattoo Artists we’ve got to ask “Is there any other flower that will look as good on you as the Rose?”

See what we did there? We just quoted Shakespeare. Bet you’re impressed? You’re not? Want us to quote some more then? No? Why are you leaving? Oh yeah, you want us to talk about Tattoos. Fine then.

Getting back to our point (due to your unscholarly lack of appreciation for Shakespeare) time and time again the Rose has been the “go to” flower for people looking for a bit of botany to decorate their bodies with. It’s pretty self explanatory as to why the Rose has remained the most in demand flower in terms of subject choice within the Tattoo industry:

They’re instantly recognisable.
They’re extremely beautiful.
They always tend to look good on the skin.
The Rose, for us at least, is the flower that just keeps on giving. Ever since Norman Keith Collins (A.K.A Sailor Jerry) started inking traditional style Roses onto the sailors that had disembarked in the port of Hawaii it became evident that the Rose would be an enduring motif in Tattooing.

So what type of Rose is the right Rose for you? Over the last number of years more and more people have gone for the hyper realistic option when it comes to Rose Tattoos. Some of these efforts have bordered on fine art- the results have been outstanding when freshly minted but oftentimes they don’t stand the test of time very well (unlike the works of William Shakespeare whose plays are being performed some 400 years after his death.)

Ok, ok, we’ll stop talking about Bill.

Revisiting our topic again, if you have a competent artist that’s working on your body, they will ensure that the work that they’re doing will stand the test of time. We would suggest that both Neo-traditional Roses and traditional/old-school Roses are the type of Rose that have the greatest amount of longevity in the skin. On numerous occasions we’ve seen Roses rendered in this fashion come back to our studio looking as good as the day they were done. Bold, clean lines coupled with a solid colour palette will always ensure that the Tattoo you’ve had done will have a very long shelf life. We’d suggest for you to explore our gallery (and other online sources) that will help you make an informed decision regarding the style that is best suited to you.

Literally take some time to breathe in the beauty of all the Rose Tattoo’s that are out there in cyberspace. When you know what type of Rose it is that you’re after simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be waiting.

We’re waiting.

Have you checked yet?

Why haven’t you called?

Are you still there?

Hello? Hello?


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