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Not every Tattoo in the world has to be a hyper realistic black and grey masterpiece that takes up your entire back and took 766 sessions to complete by an artist that only works Thursdays and is generally mean to you when you’re being inked by them. For instance here’s a cat that was done by us(insert pic of cat done by Fernando). Cute isn’t it? Look at it there, all lovely and tiny and perfect. Sorry where were we again? Oh yeah, small Tattoos.

So if the Tattoo studio that you walk into seems disinterested in your idea because they deem it to be too small and therefore unworthy of their precious time well then you’re in the wrong studio! Try our place instead. We love small Tattoos. They’re friggin’ awesome.

So what to get and where to put it? Well it’s entirely up to you but we’re here to offer some expert advice on getting something inked on your skin that may not be the biggest piece in the world. Here are some general rules to follow when you’re looking to ink something small:

  1. If it’s a piece of script then please be mindful of the fact that the script will need to be a certain size (your artist will advise) in order for the words to remain legible with time.
  2. Ink travels. It migrates in the skin and if a Tattoo is done too small then we run the risk of a “blurring” effect happening with time. Avoid this by upping your piece to the size that the artist recommends.
  3. We simply can’t ink a crazy amount of details into a small space. It’s not possible. If your friend got something that’s incredibly detailed and tiny and you don’t believe us, come back to us in a couple of years when it looks like a big black blob. We don’t want to do that to you. We’re your pal. We love you. Please listen to us.

The old adage holds through for Tattoos- personal preference prevails. So don’t feel hemmed in just because you’ve decided to do something small. There are still a huge amount of options out there for you and with the right amount of preparation then you can put something incredible on your body. Planning is essential so be really sure of the design and then go talk to your artist. Take on board their input and if you need to adjust, take a deep breath and then go with it. You’re still going to end up with something fabulous on your body, scout’s honour!

If you’ve decided on what you want then the next step is contacting the studio by email or phone or do it the old fashioned way and just come in to us! Bring us something nice. Tom & Rob both love chocolate. Just sayin’ is all.



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