Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are possible one of the most popular piercings of all time continuing up to this very day.  When properly performed they provide not only an aesthetic benefit but also a heightening of sensation for the client.  In addition to having a large variety as jewellery options, there are also several different angles, that nipples can be pierced depending on the individual client’s taste.  While nipples are generally pierced horizontally there is also the option to pierce them vertically or diagonally or even a combination of any of the three if the client would like to diverge slightly from the norm.  For the initial piercing it is highly recommended to start with a straight barbell between 1.6mm or 14 guage and 2.4mm or 10 gauge. 

The benefit of using a straight bar as opposed to anything circular is that the jewellery barely moves so any organic matter does not get pulled through the new piercing causing irritation or even small lacerations internally.  However after the initial healing period of two to three months the options for new jewellery increase immensely, ranging from ball closure rings, circular barbells, O-rings and even nipple shields which are on ornate background piece of jewellery held in place by a standard straight barbell.  The initial procedure for nipple piercings is very quick with the majority of clients opting to both nipples simultaneously as this procedure helps to avoid the feeling of lob-sidedness and also making it considerably easier for the body piercer to mark them evenly.  The overall healing time can take anywhere from two to six months on an average which may sound scary but they do look and feel healed after only a few weeks, it’s just important to continue cleaning them until there is no visible dry skin or irritation on the sides of the piercings.  The aftercare process is very straight forward, only entailing the application of saline solution or sea salt solution (¼ – ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water)  once in the morning and once at night.  In addition to this anytime you are showering, at the very end of the shower let hot water thoroughly rinse the piercings to ensure any products or dry organic matter is washed away.  Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the piercings.


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