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Ah butterfly Tattoos! They have steadfastly remained one of the most popular subjects to ink onto the human body since the advent of the electric Tattoo machine. But why? Well if we’re to hazard a guess it could be argued that there’s several reasons- firstly everyone loves Butterflies, seriously, go ask twenty people right now if they think they’re beautiful? You’ll get twenty smiles and twenty heartfelt yes’s, guaranteed. Maybe that guy Phil in your office will say no, but everyone knows Phil lives with his 93 year old mother and collects books about serial killers. Ignore Phil. Phil’s a weirdo.

So we’ve ascertained that they’re beautiful so that’s definitely one of the reasons. But there’s more to it isn’t there?


Butterflies are symbolic of change. Throughout history, poets and painters have used the butterfly as an allegorical symbol of transformation. Their complete metamorphosis resonates with us on a very deep level. We see their change as representative of the change that we go through in our own lives- we discard our past forms, we bloom and hopefully we take flight and live the kind of lives that we’ve always wanted to. When you look at it from that angle you have every reason in the world to Tattoo one onto your body, or as much reason to ink one as anything else.

Because nature is so wonderful there are a million different types of Butterfly, with a multitude of colours and patterns. Find one that you like, collect a good bit of reference and bring it along to an artist that you think will do a really good job of it. We have plenty of them here at The Ink Factory. One of them (Sandor Konya) actually collects different species of Butterfly! We’re tailor made to do them for you really!

Finally, don’t think they’re cheesy. Don’t think they’re predictable. Don’t think your artist will throw up their eyes to heaven if you ask for one. Butterfly Tattoos have lasted the test of time for a reason. They’re beautiful. You are too. It’s a good match.

-The Ink Factory team


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