Piercing Aftercare

To provide the best care for your piercing, please follow the directions below:

  • Wash hands with Antibacterial soap before cleaning.
  • Use Saline solution (DIY Recipe below) or Sea Salt with Boiled water. (They are the same thing)
  • Clean using clean Cotton Buds, Q Tips.
  • Soak the cotton bud in solution.
  • Rub around the front ball, entrance to the piercing.
  • Rub around the back ball, exit of the piercing.
  • Get a new Cotton Bud and DRY thoroughly.
  • Do this 2-3 times every day.
  • 1st Month clean 2-3 times.
  • 2nd Month clean 2 times.
  • Month three and onwards. Clean 1 time a day.
  • After this you can use a mild Antibacterial soap when showering for upkeep of hygiene routine.

DIY Saline solution.  To make saline solution at home. Use 1 pint of boiled water to 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Not loadssssss of sea salt, too much will irritate the piercing.

Saline Soak: You can also use a Saline Soak to clean your piercing.

  • Get a small cup (plastic disposable shot glasses are great) filled with Saline solution
  • Place over the piercing for a couple of minutes
  • Always make sure to DRY your piercing after cleaning as Bacteria grows rapidly in moisture, so the dryer, the better
  • Use disposable clean cotton or gauze paper towels to dry as flannel towels harbour bacteria and may get caught and snag the piercing.

Do Not’s

  • Never use table salt on your piercing. Use natural sea salt
  • Never touch with dirty hands. Do not let anyone else touch your piercing
  • Never twist or take out before the piercing is fully healed as this can rip the channel that is being created and the healing process will start over and greatly extended the healing period and may cause damage.
  • Try keep hair away from fresh piercings as hair carries a lot of oils and microscopic bacterial organisms
  • Do not get Makeup, Moisturiser, Fake tan inside the wound. Go close around but NOT inside.
  • The more you leave your piercing alone, the faster and better it will heal.
  • Do not over clean your piercing as it will not heal. Over Cleaning takes away the good bacteria your body needs to heal.

If you have any issues with the piercing done in our studio, please seek for a professional advice from one of our piercers.


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