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The last time you checked you’re not an indigenous person from New Zealand but for some reason or another the Maori style of Tattooing speaks to your soul. You want it on your body. Well guess what buddy, we got you covered!

The Maori style of Tattooing is rich in historical significance and goes back a very long time- first brought to New Zealand by Captain James Cook after his initial contact with the tribes of Eastern Polynesia in 1796. The word ‘Tattow’ was itself thought to be an adaption of the native Tahitian word ‘Tautau’ so not only are Maori Tattoos visually arresting and aesthetically pleasing, they are also deeply culturally significant.

Once Maori Tattooing was brought to the west much of the meaning was lost and it has been appropriated into our general culture based purely on how it looks on the skin. Luckily we have at the Ink Factory artists who excel in this style and will also work diligently with you to find out the meanings of the different symbols that are employed in Maori culture when Tattooing. Together with your artist you would be able to construct a work of art that is both beautiful and extremely personal.

Drop in at any time and we can talk about your project.

P.S Please remember if you decide to do a Polynesian or Maori Tattoo it WILL NOT result in you looking like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. That’s gym work and genetics son.

And steroids.

Lots and lots of steroids.


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