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Cats often get a tough time, considered the lesser sister of dogs – because for some reason we gender entire species – cats are girls, dogs are boys, because that makes sense – but it’s time we recognise that cats are actually anarchist superstars, living their own truth, being their own thing, and showing us humans what the good life is. Remember, everybody wants to be a cat.

Our millennia long fascination with the feline kind seems to stem less from their potential companionship or usefulness, as it does with dogs, rather from their otherworldly cool, almost ethereal quality. Cats were gods. Cats are gods. Their shimmering mystique captivates us – even if they are just going over the garden fence to shag the neighbour cat – we imagine they’ve travelled further and seen magic sights we simple humans couldn’t possibly imagine. These denizens of the night are a law unto themselves, they have merely allowed us to think we have domesticated them – I’m sorry, we have not. We are theirs, not the other way around.

Famous cat-owners – owner is a term used lightly – include Georgia O”Keefe, Henri Matisse, Dali, and Manet – their artistic credibility is well accounted for. Picasso was a dog man, but ignore him for now.

Cat tattoos are an opportunity for us to show our humility, recognise that we are a lesser being, mere bipedal mortals squawking at the feet of these feline deities – or – or – maybe you just like cats. Maybe you have a special moggy at home, a friendly tabby cat who purrs when you scritch-scratch him between the ears. Maybe, and this is a totally valid reason, you just like the look of cats – because they’re class. Simple as that.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot of good reasons to get a cat tattoo – AND, if it does turn out they are all powerful – no harm there.


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