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Mandala Tattoos are Indian spiritual and ritual symbols which are symbolic of the grandeur of the universe. These designs come in many shapes, circular or floral, a mandala can be made in any shape of your choosing.

These designs are heavily used both in Buddhism and Hinduism and have recently become a very popular work of art globally in the tattoo industry. Many artists pride themselves on their ability to Tattoo these intricate pieces and here at Image & ink our super spiritual artist “Om Nama Shivaya” has great knowledge in the art of mandala tattoos and other spiritual symbolism.

You don’t necessarily have to study the practice of meditation for six years, then sit fasting underneath the Bodhi tree for 7 days in an attempt to reach full enlightenment to have a mandala tattoo. A lot of these designs are beautifully decorative and result in a wonderful tattoo.


The mandala is a Buddhist and Hindu spiritual symbol that represents the universe in a microcosm. The circular shape denotes balance, perfection, eternity and the never-ending cycle of life. For individuals, a mandala can symbolise one’s journey through life and the many elements that make it.

A mandala can be executed using simple linework or dotwork, or a mix of both.

Sacred geometry has been for a long time a wonderful and beautiful form of tattooing and can be customised in any way, shape or form. A lot of mandalas can be incorporated into a sleeve, starting from the wrist, flowing up the arm. Also very popular to be added to a thigh, back or shoulder.


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