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So it’s time to get yourself some ink but you’re not exactly sure where to begin, don’t worry bro we’ve got your back! We’re cool like that. This gallery of Tattoos for men should serve as an inspirational starting point on your Tattoo journey. It’s here that you’ll find a broad range of styles that have all been executed with technical perfection and artistic flair by our very own talented Ink Factory Artists.

The best thing to do at the very beginning of this process is to find the style (and the artist) who is best suited to do your work. Don’t feel pressured into getting something that’s considered uber-masculine just because society deems it to be. Your personal preference should prevail in these matters so be strong and make the right decision for you. Do NOT under any circumstances let your spouse, girlfriend or partner dictate what’s going on your body, this is a recipe for disaster.

Traditionally most men have opted for bold old school Tattoos or well crafted Japanese or Religious themed pieces due to their superior longevity in the skin. However with the advancement of technology within the industry black and grey/colour realism have become much sought after styles. A great amount of care and attention should be taken when finally deciding on the style that you’re ready to commit to.

A serious consideration that also needs to be looked at it is size and placement. If you’re looking to have a highly detailed project started then the more canvas area that you can dedicate to it the better the result will be. A nuanced Religious scene may require as much space as a half sleeve or full sleeve Tattoo in order for the details to be properly realised. A full back Tattoo should only ever commenced upon when both the client and the artist have fully prepared concept sketches and a clear understanding as to how the finished project will look, operating any other way is a recipe for disaster.

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you need to commit to getting something huge on your body. Small, well crafted images look equally as good on a man as they do on a woman. Whatever it is that you decide upon be getting be sure that we’ll approach with a level of professionalism that will be hard to match in Europe!


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