So what’s probably the least painful piercing to do in your ear beside the lobe. Well we’d have to say it’s the Tragus!


A tragus piercing is the perforation of the piece of triangular cartilage that’s connected to the side of your face and protrudes just in front of the ear canal.

If we were running a piercing popularity contest then the tragus would be the pageant winner every year! It’s THE most sought after piercing here at The Ink Factory and that’s mainly due to the fact that it’s usually the least painful and probably the most pretty to look at!

The only issue with this piercing is that sometimes your cartilage may be too small in order for us to do it. The only way you’ll know though is by coming in to us and letting us take a look for you. Regarding aftercare- the Tragus like any other of your piercings should be given due care and attention (your aftercare guidelines will be dispensed when you’re here with us) and usually heals within a three month period.

Like all of other piercings the Tragus is €25 at No. 15 Wellington Quay but why not ask Rakan about our upgraded range of jewellery which means that you can have your Tragus pierced with a really eye catching bit of bling!


-The Ink Factory Team


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