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Piercing Price List

We pierce with precise piercing needles, Never with gun.

All our equipment is either single use or sterilized using a 3 step process (inc. ultrasonic cleaner and vacuum autoclave).

For flat bar surfaces or microdermals we pierce with single use biopsy punch.

All Basic piercings includes stainless steel jewellery BASIC

Use of stainless steel metal

Any Piercing €25
Earlobe                     €15 or 2 for €30
1 Microdermal              €35 or 2 for €60
Re-opening                   €10
Jewellery Change

(if piece is bought instore)

Downsize Jewellery change for mouth piercings only FREE
Cheek piercing (1 year to heal) €75 or 2 for €150
*Female genital piercing                €60-80
P.A. Piercing                 

(To be pierced with titanium only)

*Ampallang & Apadravy

(by appointment only)                     

No Pull piercing             €5

FYI: All piercings 25 euro (stainless steel jewellery included) excluding dermal & genitals.

*Genital piercings have to be consulted and agreed with the piercer in advance!

**Please note, we change jewellery for FREE only for tongue and lip piercings as we use longer jewellery for better healing.


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