Medusa piercings also known as filtrum piercings are a centred upper lip piercing that is growing in popularity over the last several years.  The procedure for this piercing is very similar to a labret piercing or in other words a centre lower lip piercing. 

Initially Medusa piercings are done using a plain titanium flat backed labret stud with several millimetres of extra length to compensate for swelling as well as making it easier to clean.  The usual starting  size for this piercing is to use a 1.2mm by 10 to 12mm barbell, this the option of using 1.6mm thickness all the way to 2.4mm or 14 gauge and 10 gauge for something a bit more extreme or the start of the stretching process.  The swelling immediately afterwards as well as the healing process, can be greatly off set by taking ibuprofen tablets for the first two to four days, approximately two to three times a day particularly first thing in the morning and at the end of the night.  The additional aftercare procedures are quite simple involving rinsing with a preferably non-alcoholic mouthwash both morning and evening as well as after meals.  In addition to this, rinsing with a mild sea salt and warm water solution once or twice a day does expedite skin cell regeneration for internal healing.  To clean the external part of the piercing you have the option so using the same sea salt solution, roughly ¼ to ½ teaspoon of sea salt to a coffee cup of warm water or saline solution, even contact lens solution readily available in any pharmacy or grocery store, applied twice a day on a cotton bud, gently cleaning the jewellery and around the piercing.  The overall healing time for Medusa piercings ranges from two to three months with initial jewellery downsizing taking place after three to four weeks.  As with any piercing always be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning the piercing or changing the jewellery.


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