The ear by far and away gets the most attention when it comes to piercings. It’s the veritable golden child of the industry and we can see why- from industrial piercings, Tragus piercings, Rook piercing and Diath’s- the ear has a huge amount of points and places that professional piercers can prick. Sorry about all that alliteration. A childhood spent reading bad poetry! It won’t happen again.

So, what information should you be armed with before taking the plunge and getting your ear pierced? Well due to the huge volume of areas that we can pierce it’s essential to be familiar with what specific piercing you want. We’ve written a host of different pages in an effort to educate you as to the difference between your lobe and your rim, so just click into the links to further expand your piercing knowledge.

When our piercer Rakan came on board here at The Ink Factory we decided that we’d fix our piercing prices at €25 for all piercings excluding Dermal and genital piercings. We think that we won’t be beaten on price in the city. Couple this with the fact that we are an incredibly sterile studio that only uses the highest grade jewellery and you see why The Ink Factory is the only place you need to come for all your piercing needs!

Rakan has over 8 years experience within the industry and has become as familiar with ear piercings as any other man alive today. He’s done the whole range- from industrial’s to anti-tragus, there’s not a piercing that you can ask for that will catch him by surprise.

We’re open here at No.15 Wellington Quay piercing people seven days per week from 12-7. We love our job that much that we won’t take Sundays off to rest!

Amazing, we know (pats himself on back and exits page.