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You went and did it didn’t you? You met a girl/guy on a night out at Amnesia in Ibiza and you ended up getting their names inked on your ribs at four in the morning by a Spanish guy who quoted you two hundred Euro but settled on twenty after you complained.

Well where do we go from here? Jane or John are out of the picture and you can’t stand the Tattoo that you got so you’re looking for a cover up Tattoo. Fortunately for you there are a lot of gifted artists working at The Ink Factory who are able to take these past mistakes and bury them beneath some incredible body art. So it’s adios John and Jane!

But what can you expect from a cover up Tattoo. Well firstly you’ll need to have a consultation with the artist to find out what is and isn’t possible. Once that’s done then it’s best to let your artist come up with a concept that they feel will completely get rid of the problematic bit of ink. Sometimes this may not be what you had in mind initially, but trust us, with cover ups a lot of artistic license is needed to make them disappear. So keep an open mind at all times, the results are usually spectacular.

If you are one of those poor unfortunates who went and got something huge in the heat of the moment then it may be necessary to get some laser prior to the cover up, but don’t worry we do that too.

So feel free to come by and have a good moan about that guy or girl you’re no longer with and how they messed up your life by letting you ink their names onto your torso! They were bastards anyway and you’re better off without them!


-The Ink Factory Team


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