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So you’ve drawn a bit of a blank and are looking for some Tattoo ideas, well you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a multitude of different Tattoo designs that have all been produced at The Ink Factory. All of the Tattoos on display here vary in size and complexity- some are big Tattoos (such as half sleeve Tattoos), whilst some are small Tattoos (such as butterfly Tattoos). What have they all in common though? Well, they’ve all been executed by professionals who are constantly trying to hone their craft in an effort to bring the craft of Tattooing on par with the other arts.

Always make sure that the artist you’ll be getting work from has an extensive and diverse portfolio that is current and up to date. Avoid any artist whose portfolio contains work that in some cases looks incredible while at other times looking fairly mediocre. The chances are they’ve stolen other people’s work and are trying to pass it off as their own! This happens regulalry enough so try to be mindful of it.

Hey, don’t fret though- with so many incredible artists now plying their trade within the industry, coupled with the fact that there have been huge advances in the quality of the equipment we use and the inks we work with- the boundaries for what is possible to produce on your skin have been pushed firmly back. Sometimes we’re only limited by our imaginations, so dream big, get some solid reference together and discuss what is actually viable with your artist. Always take into consideration the expert advice that your artist is giving you with regards to size and placement. Sometimes the longevity of the Tattoos that you’re looking to have done will only be assured if they’re modified or made bigger in size. The artist will counsel you on this before the design is finalised.

So what’s popular in the world of Tattooing at the moment? We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of Geometric Tattoos the last number of years. Watercolour pieces have also come to the fore. Some of the work that is being put out in these areas is stunning and we feel that they’re both styles of Tattooing that will have a very long shelf life. This explosion in demand of these styles has occurred alongside the rise in popularity of blackwork Tattoos and Dot-work Tattoos, however some of the old mainstays are still as strong as ever- Japanese, Old-school, and Maori Tattoos are three styles that have stood the test of time and will always look good when done by a creative and credible artist.

Take your time on this page and browse through some of our inspirational Tattoos. Always take the appropriate amount of time to consider what will look best on your skin. Never rush your decision making and make sure that you never feel harried by your artist to make a quick decision regarding your artwork. This a lifetime commitment so you need to be sure of your decision. We wish you the best and remember- whether it’s a big Tattoo or a small Tattoo the studio you’re having it done in should treat the pieces with the same amount of respect.

Happy hunting.

-The Ink factory Team