Ah the common ear! So many places to prick holes in it, isn’t there? So maybe you’re reading this, sitting at home and thinking- “Maybe I’ll take a trip down to the good folks at The Ink Factory and see what my options are.”

So let us tell you a thing or two about a thing or two. Firstly we have one of the best piercers working in Ireland in our lovely shop- his name is Chello and not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about his craft, he’s a gentleman too (a good looking one at that we might add). He also has a lovely assistant by the name or Lauren Owens and together with Chello they will walk you through all the different options that exist- from Lip, Ear, Facial, Surface, Dermal and other types of piercings. They’ll tell you what works best for you.

Now here’s a really big difference between us and some of the other stores in Dublin. We charge €25 per piercing. That’s right just €25. That’s the best price you will find in any reputable studio that uses the highest grade jewellery and adheres to the strictest of safety standards ensuring that you will never need to worry about cross contamination occurring in our premises.

Chello loves what he does, there’s no piercing that he’s unfamiliar with and can take care of all your needs regardless of where they are on the body. If you’re looking to have your nipples pierced then don’t be shy, every bit of your body is as beautiful as the rest!

Below you’ll find a detailed piercing by piercing analysis of where the particular piercing goes and what the expected healing times are. The Ink Factory also sells it’s own line of saline solution for all your aftercare needs. So please discover our piercing galleries for inspiration.