Piercing at The Ink Factory

Monday – Sunday 11am – 7pm – By Appointment

You’re feeling that ‘urge’ aren’t you? You’re wondering – ‘ Do I? Don’t I?  You’re thinking – ‘I’ll look it up.’

You’ve googled ‘Dublin Piercers’ – and look where you’ve ended up! Don’t worry – we know that ‘urge’ – we actively encourage it.

We use the highest grade jewellery, and we stick to the strictest safety standards because only assholes don’t – and it means you’ll never have to worry about cross-contamination in our shop.

You want details though. You want times, pricing, names, piercing types, and the 4th secret of Fatima. Well, we can cover 4 out of 5 of your requests:

  • Times: Monday – Sunday (11am-7pm) – By Appointment.
  • Prices: €25. €25? €25 for which piercing? All piercings. Fuck!

Exactly! That’s what makes us stand out from other piercers in Dublin. We charge €25 per piercing, which is, without a doubt – the best price you will pay in any REPUTABLE* studio in town!

*Seriously – if you’re getting pierced, or getting a tattoo – go to a place with a solid reputation. Infected piercings are super fucking unpleasant. And don’t even think about piercing guns: they are shite! 

  • Names: Cello, Lauren, Cibelle and Pat.

Who are they? Only some of the best piercers working in Ireland!

Cello’s being piercing people for over 15 years. Working as a forklift driver, and selling broadband for a few years, one day he thought, ‘ this is shit, what I’m really passionate about is piercing .’ He literally walked out of his job in telesales, and went straight into piercing – and never looked back – and we’re delighted he did!

Cello’s joined by Lauren, who decided whilst being tattooed, what she really wanted to become was a piercer. And that’s what she did. She apprenticed with 3 professional piercers, learned the trade and now spends her days piercing the lucky customers who stroll into the Ink Factory, and her capable hands.

Alongside Lauren and Cello, is Cibelle from Sao Paulo, who has been a professional piercer for the past 5 years. She’s obsessed with piercings and admits that whenever she meets someone all she can think about is piercing them. Cibelle is a legend, and an absolute professional, that anyone would be happy to be pierced by.

Finally, there’s Patric – our resident piercing sage. Both Lauren and Cello learned their craft from Patric whose been piercing the good people of Ireland since 1995. The Wiseman of the Irish piercing and body modification scene, it is considered an honour to be on the business end of Patric’s needle.

There is no piercing our team are unfamiliar with. Whatever you’re looking for, we can take care of. They’ll walk you through all the options – from Lip, Ear, Facial, Surface, Dermal and other types of piercings – they’ll advise you on what works best for you.

  • Piercing Types

Below you’ll find all the piercings we offer, and everything you’ve wanted to know about them – where they go, how we do it, healing times. Any more questions just ask us. So all that’s left to do, take a peek through the galleries, make your decision and answer the ‘urge.’