The rook is located just above the tragus and behind the forward helix. In simple terms this is the fold of cartilage in the upper inner part of your ear. It’s a rather beautiful looking piercing that’s really high in demand. It’s usually pierced with a small gauge curved barbell that goes directly through the fold of cartilage. This piercing can also be done with a BCR (ball closure ring)but keep in mind, any jewellery used for the initial piercing will have to be a lot larger to compensate for swelling. Our recommendation for most piercings initially is barbells. The less movement in a fresh piercing means the less complications and a smoother healing process. This piercing first became popular when introduced by Eric Dakota in Fakir Musafar’s body play magazine.

The rook needs special attention when it comes to cleaning after the piercing has been performed. Wearing headphones directly after the procedure or talking on the phone can result in contamination of the area, so we ask our clients to be particularly mindful regarding this.

The Rook piercing itself is similar to the tragus and other cartilage piercings with regards to healing and can take anywhere from 3-4 months for it to heal fully. Aftercare is always a very important part of any piercing. Our piercer will gladly run through the cleaning procedure and provide you with all the relevant information needed.

What’s our opinion on this particular piercing? It’s funky and is definitely aesthetically pleasing. It is certainly one of the most sought after piercings here at The Ink Factory and just so happens to be one of our piercer’s favorites.

Wear it well folks!


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