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In this section we’ll try to solve the question that has been plaguing philosophers for years now- should you Tattoo a quote from Plato’s ‘Republic’, Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ or ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna onto your body for life.

Well folks, the choice is yours entirely! We’re here to offer our expertise services with regards to font type, size, and placement. Once you’ve decided upon whatever inspirational or meaningful words you want on your body (Rocky monologue anyone?) then we’ll sit with you and decide upon what’s going to be best looking.

When Tattooing words we’ll once again ask you to be mindful of how large the letters need to be so that the Tattoo will look good in a few years time. Your artist will show you the required size that he or she believes the text needs to be. Please note that if you’re looking to Tattoo something in Aramaic, Latin, Arabic or Hebrew we aren’t fluent in any of the above languages. We can manage Italian, Portuguese, Irish and Hungarian. Other than that you’ll have to provide the correct translation yourself. آسف

Many of the staff members of the Ink Factory have Tattoo quotes inked on their limbs and torsos so we will offer this little nugget- choose very carefully from the millions of speeches, texts and rallying calls that have been spoken throughout history before you decide upon one. Be sure. Something that may seem to speak to you now may not do so in the future. Do your research because as Malcolm X said:

“The Future belongs to those who prepare today.”

Hey, maybe you could use that one?


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