Georgie Williams is an abstract blackwork Tattoo artist from New Zealand. She has recently sat down to talk to us about her life and her work. We are excited to host her again from 18-25 October 2017 :).

TIF: Welcome to Dublin, Georgie. Great to have you back. How does it feel to travel extensively and do what you love to do? Do you actually feel like the world’s your Oyster?

G: It’s stressful and enjoyable. Travelling allows you to make the best out of yourself. When you are in a fixed location you do walkins in and it’s a lot harder to build your skill set and show people what you’re doing. Being on the road has allowed me to really grasp my vision and what comes out of me naturally. You’re always meeting new people and gaining new experiences and that’s pretty cool!

TIF How would you describe your style?

G: Definitely graphic. Since childhood I have been influenced by architecture, street art, photography, graffiti, technology. I pull it all together when people come to me with their concepts and all my designs are infused with these different influences.

TIF: Because your designs are clean, bold and precise they seem to complement the body really well, is that something you strive for?

G: Definitely. Growing up in New Zealand there is a lot of cultural influences. The Tattoo and the body are not separated. For example when you design a building you can not just build it and put whenever you want it, you have to interact with the environment. For me tattooing is the same.

TIF: How would you describe your clients?

G: They are graphic designers, architects, game designers, electricians, engineers, illustrators also people who want to mark their body but not necessarily with something traditional, but rather something that reflects their personality, something that adds value to their aesthetic. Together with a client we strive to achieve the result so the piece will embrace the beauty of the body.

TIF: Upon the completion of the tattoo how do you feel?
G: It is a nice feeling to see that it worked especially with big pieces! It’s cool when you see that it fits right.

TIF: How do you create your designs?
G: I follow my intuition, there are no rules. I play around with the design a few times, leave it and then come back to it. It arrives in the moment when the stencil is on the skin. Paper is flat it so it will never fit the skin 100 percent so I adjust it freehand.

TIF: Why Tattooing?
Anything you do with your hands is a form of expression and i have found my way of physically creating something that has allowed me to understand the world.

TIF: What is your process for a Tattoo project? Lots of artists struggle to find time to continually draw.
G: It is natural to me. Midnight is my time to create. On my days off I try to give myself a break as i think it is healthy to look at things from another perspective…

TIF: Where do you find inspiration from?
G: From life around me. Meeting people along the way is the strongest influence you can ever have, exchanging and growing from those people. For example last year in London I met Gordo Tattooer who does abstract calligraphy and we both have learned from each other.

TIF: If not tattooing where would you see yourself?
G: Actually I wanted to go to the military but I am so glad I did not do that. Probably I would try to become an architect?

TIF: What are your plans….?
G: There are still some corners of the world that I have not been to. I feel that I have started to express what I love to do and find people that work in that direction. Later on it will be nice to get a base where I can finally sit down, refine my style even more.