Neck Piercing

Neck piercings, also referred to as nape piercings, are an increasingly popular type of surface piercing performed on the back of the client’s neck.  Neck piercings are surprisingly painless and easy to heal.  There is also an option to do multiple piercings on the back of the neck, with one particularly popular variation being three separate piercings, staggered in length, usually from longer at the bottom and getting progressively shorter towards the top, giving an almost pyramid-style effect.  The initial piercing is done with a surface barbell, which, depending on the piercer, is either bent at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle, with a small bit of extra length to compensate for any initial swelling and make the piercing easier to clean.  This can be shortened after approximately 2 months to fit perfectly after the initial stage of healing.  At this stage it is also possible to change from plain balls to jewelled balls or even spikes for a very dramatic look.  The average healing time for neck piercings can vary from roughly 2 to 4 months, and up to 6 months in cases. The aftercare procedure involved is very easy and straightforward, with several options.  The first option for cleaning the piercing is to make a sea salt and warm water solution comprising ¼ – ½ teaspoon of the sea salt in a coffee cup of warm water, soaking a paper towel in the solution and then using it as a compress on the back of the neck for five minutes, twice a day.  The second method for cleaning is to simply use a saline solution – which can be purchased over the counter in the form of contact lens solution – applied to a cotton bud and gently wipe both sides of the piercing, again twice a day; morning and night.  Also, any time you are in the shower, at the end of the shower let hot water pour onto the piercing to rinse any products off.  Always be sure to wash your hands before cleaning any piercing.