Prince Albert Piercing

Prince Albert piercings are probably the most prolific of all male genital piercings.  Prince Albert piercings have the benefit of being very fast and easy to heal, as well as offering a wide range of jewellery.  Historically these piercings were popularised in the Victorian era when the popularity of tight trousers was abundant in upper class and aristocratic circles, allowing the wearer to thus attach the genitalia to the leg so as not to offend conservative sensibilities. 


In modern times it is easily the most popular genital piercing for men, taking only a few seconds to perform the piercings and generally only four to eight weeks maximum healing time with only a few days of discomfort.  Prince Albert piercings are generally initially done at a minimum of 2.4mm or 10 gauge, but can go as large as 4mm or 6 gauge.  The initial jewellery is generally a ball closure ring but can also be done with a circular barbell or curved barbell.  Again after the initial healing time of four to eight weeks the jewellery can be changed to any of these options, as well as smooth segment rings or even more extreme variations such as Princes Wands. 

Prince Albert piercings are also very easy to stretch or enlarge over time, with many clients opting to increase the thickness of the jewellery to at least 4mm or 6 gauge up to 8mm or 0 gauge and in extreme cases up to 12mm of ½ inch. The reason these piercings heal so quickly is the large amount of blood flow to the area allowing the skin to regenerate much faster as well as that and individual person’s urine actually acts as a sterile antiseptic to their body. Thus every time a client urinates it is actually cleaning the piercing, however for the first two to four days this can result in a slight burning sensation.  It is also common to have a small amount of bleeding for the first few days afterwards.  The only other aftercare procedures for these piercings are very simple. Doing a sea salt soak entailing approximately ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a coffee cup of warm water and soaking the piercing for about five minutes twice a day as well as using a mild antibacterial soap when showering for the first month afterwards is all that is necessary.  Prince Albert piercings combine aesthetics as well as functionality for everyone involved and would be highly recommended to anyone looking for a discreet, personal addition to their lives.  Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning your piercing.